Centrica gives people the chance to live outstanding edutainment experiences everywhere, from immersive&interactive exhibitions to full digital experiences.

Combining professional skills, experience, certified know-how, proprietary technologies and creativity, Centrica has the competences to enhance cultural heritage through digital technologies and support museums and cultural institutions. Pioneer in high-res digitization - Centrica have digitised more than one thousand works of art in Uffizi Galleries till GigaPixel resolution.
Since 1999 Centrica is able to offer the best solutions and entire process to valorise every representation of art whenever a complex handling of visual elements is required. Centrica takes care of the ultra high resolution digital acquisition of the collection, the creation of a digital archive, the design, production and testing of multi-device technologies, the storage and real-time delivering of the content via Cloud, the production of a completely immersive&interactive experience.

From the Il Sole 24 Ore Enterprise and Culture Prize, to European IST Prizes, to the selection by Ministry of Innovation for Shanghai EXPO and by Minister of Cultural Heritage for Renaissance Exhibition in Beijing, Centrica has always demonstrated to be an innovator in the relation between culture and technologies. In 2010 the Uffizi Virtuale multimedia exhibition in Shanghai National Museum as well as Uffizi Touch, now a Cloud application, based on Centrica Educational Platform, have been the first products meeting the new needs of the international audiences.
Centrica has started showing how people will enjoy and appreciate art in the future. In our business model part of the revenues are provided to museums, because we believe that this is an ethical way to achieve our business.

Technologies, tools and products
/ ArtCentrica
In full digital applications everything is driven by ArtCentrica (high res images&concepts) that let the user see GigaPixel images instantly and create semantic correlations between details of the super high-res images that we have digitised in the museum. See, for example, Uffizi Touch® Cloud.

/ VirtuItaly
With the innovative startup spinoff VirtuItaly (www.virtuitaly.com), founded in July 2015 with the objective to valorize Italian culture and creativity through immersive& interactive digital exhibitions, Centrica is exploiting its products through a leading edge solution for education, tourism and entertainment, able to engage visitors as never before.

UBILIA is a cloud-app proximity platform (indoor and outdoor, QRcode, NFC, beacon, GPS) for providing multimedia information and services to iOS/Android end users through geopositioned POI.

/ Exhibitions
The first examples of this new edutainment format making the visiting experience really unforgettable are:
Uffizi Virtual Experience in Milan (2016),
Renaissance Experience: Florence and Uffizi in Leipzig and Shenzhen (2018) 

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