The Museum of the Future

Brazil has nowadays more than three thousand registered museums.
In Latin America this numbers triples, having as a result millions of visitors in museums all over the continent.

In a recent survey conducted by the website Trip Advisor, one of the main websites for travel and online quotations in the world, Brazil has 12 of the 25 best museums in South America, according to users who rated aspects like infrastructure and content, in such a rich scenario where opportunities and improvements are always at stake. Below there is a reflection about:


The museum is a territory of experiences and reflections where communities are able to rethink, discuss and preserve their histories and memories.

But it also has the role of policy, social, educational and cultural agent, especially in a contemporary world which is connected and disruptive.

The museum of the future is contextualized among new digital medias and large connected and demanding audiences that have been born inside fluid communication logic, which is much faster, interactive and cognitive. 


A) Massification Museum / Art.
Much more public.
Much less investment.
Much less bureaucracy.

B) Decentralized museum.
Extensive content and high volume of information.
Collaborative culture.
Mind Set- Shared.
Culture with dynamics.

C) Digital Museum
Share distinct cultures.
Flexibility Knowledge.

D) New Management - Very Multiple
New Impact - cultural experience.
Skill Hiper Detail.
Empowerment of museums with the Public.

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