About Us

Tarnova Ventures is an investment, consulting on innovation and new technologies company, whose mission is enabling wealth creation for its clients, partners and investors, by aggregating methods with cutting-edge technology along with values such as sustainability, refinement and well-being.

Taking as its basis principles like loyalty, honesty and hard work, Tarnova Ventures believes it is able to contribute to building a better world, by positively impacting people, companies and the planet as a whole.

Tarnova Ventures is committed to the “value to values” approach, by putting together the economic value concept and the personal value like:

- Focus on results
- Task oriented
- Integrity
- Respect
- Excellence
- Determination
- Team work
- Cooperation
- Balance

Tarnova Ventures


+55 (11) 3073-1716
+55 (15) 99626-0333
Av. Cidade Jardim, 427, Sala 23 - Itaim Bibi - São Paulo / Cep: 01453000


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