In particular, UBILIA® platform allows a certain number of public and private entities (called Content Provider) to self create and manage an amount of multimedia information and a certain number of person (called Users) to access such information in mobility through an app to install for free on their smartphone.

UBILIA® can be considered an advanced location-based service; from one side is a cloud computing platform which enable creation, management and supply of multimedia information, and from the other is an App (iOS/Android), available for smartphone and tablet, which enable the user to enjoy such information in real time, constantly selected on the basis of her/his spatio-temporal position.

In UBILIA® the basic element that define the information is the POI (Point of Interest). A POI can be a subject (for instance a shop, an outlet, a museum), a place (a park, a square), an object (an artwork or a commercial product) or an event (the preview of a musical video that is presented only in a place at that time, or a ticket for a concert valid only for a defined place and time).

Therefore the Point of Interest can represent spatial entities (subjects, places and objects) or spatiotemporal entities (events).

While the first type of POI can be available for the user at any time, according to her/his position, the events allow Users to access special Point of Interest (with their linked information and media) available only in a certain place, and only for a determined span of time.

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